Burton Creek is a superior veterinarian service!!

Burton Creek is a superior veterinarian service!! My Labrador Retriever (Chad) suffered a serious leg injury (fractured elbow) last May (2022). None of the local vets in my area were equipped to handle surgery. Blue Pearl in Reno had a two-week delay. Burton Creek came to my rescue. The staff was absolutely wonderful and compassionate. Especially superb was Dr. Scott Kidd, DVM, DACVS-SA, who saved my dog’s leg from amputation in a very delicate operation. The post-op care was equally first rate. The staff treated Chad as one of their own. The weekly bandage changes were done with minimal discomfort. Chad recovered full use of his limb. The affection and care given to Chad continues to the present. I can’t say enough about Burton Creek’s dedication, professional care and expertise, which are on display by the many clients who bring in their precious pets. Burton Creek is a special asset to the community. They deserve all the support in the world!!

Dody Bracken

Dr. Buckton, Dr. Kidd and the rest of the crew are kind, compassionate, dedicated professionals who really care about their patients.

We have been with Dr. Buckton and Burton Creek Veterinary Clinic since July of 2008, since before they were even officially open. We had just brought our new puppy Molly home and she needed her shots. Dr. Buckton said to bring her in, even though their “grand opening” had been delayed. Molly saw Dr. Buckton from the time she was a few weeks old until she passed away past the age of 14. During those 14 years Dr. Buckton and his crew helped us with her recovery from TPLO surgery; her multitude of allergies; arthritis including laser treatments; and towards the end glaucoma and the removal of her eye which gave her a new lease of life for the last 6 months.

We added Chester to our family in 2010, and the gang at Burton Creek was with us through numerous episodes of “indiscriminate consumption” and in his later years laser therapy for his arthritis (from chasing too many squirrels). Samantha joined us in 2014, and again the gang was with us through figuring out her allergy problems, as well as her many episodes of not wanting to eat. Luc moved in with us briefly after he lost his human. Luc had been a long time patient of Burton Creek, and they took such good care of him for the final hospice months of his life.

Now we are on to a new generation of four legged family members, and we continue to work with the whole crew at Burton Creek. They have been supportive of us bringing the puppy in for regular weight checks and cookies as part of his training.

Dr. Buckton, Dr. Kidd and the rest of the crew are kind, compassionate, dedicated professionals who really care about their patients. They are always caring and thorough when one of our pups has had a problem. It has been our experience they care as much for the humans as they do for the canines, and we feel so fortunate to have them caring for our family!

Rebecca McFadden & Marc Christensen
Very happy dog owners!